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Full automatic high speed glue dispenser for mass production

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The production line of equipment used for high demand, mass production line with synchronous lifting automatic production equipment function contributes to the yield and quality of the dispensing technology application of high-speed automatic dispensing machine effect will be much better than other types of dispensing machine have more advantages, especially the mass production line the product consistency and high demand in.
Full automatic high speed gluing machine
High speed automatic dispensing machine has the characteristics of simple operation, small occupied area, can meet a variety of products, line and surface coating work path, adopts the imported precision step stepper motor driver, which is used in the effect of dispensing products more accurately in high speed, automatic production line of three axis dispensing mode is applicable to a variety of high demand, more cost-effective and more obvious advantages.
Automatic high speed glue machine
Batch production line of most products need to be applied to high speed intelligent dispensing equipment, choose the better compatibility of high-speed automatic dispensing function to meet the mass production line work demand, support array programming to make the product dispensing effect after dispensing more consistent with higher yield, in addition to support array programming also supports a variety of automatic dispensing the elliptical path mode, such as 3D graphics library, dispensing path input by means of programming, to meet application requirements of dispensing technology of different batch production line.
Large automatic high speed glue machine
For dispensing high-speed automatic dispensing can be used for a variety of different products, such as bonding production line, high demand of electronic communication products, small handicraft products such as filling work can be applied to the high-speed automatic dispensing machine will help more industry to complete different adhesive dispensing needs.

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