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Table type high speed precision dispensing machine is a great effect of a lot of glue dispensing equipment, dispensing machine is not beyond, can certainly use large high speed dispenser for dispensing, but the price is a desktop dispenser dispensing expensive confidential several times, dispensing technology high speed precision dispensing machine capable of dispensing large and comparable have a great relationship with the use of dispensing machine accessories.
Desktop high speed precision glue dispenser
Large precision dispensing machine is expensive, because of the use of a lot of accessories, such as: three stepper motor, MCU, LCD, MITSUBISHI high speed dispensing valve, ball screw, visual locator and so on, these are high-end equipment, so the price is very expensive, high precision dispensing machine with high precision dispensing mode, use the screw type dispensing valve, only the precision of the valve is very high.
Manual operation indicator
High speed dispensing machines also use other accessories are hand-held controller and double rail, independent research and development of motor and so on, these are able to work parts for dispensing quality, can improve the applicability of the high-speed precision dispensing machine, for the industry application of great help, but also can solve the complex operation steps, operation the dispensing machine better handle, the product is more good.
Precision import servo drive
High speed dispensing machine can achieve high precision dispensing effect, but also because of the use of good dispensing accessories, otherwise it will not have the effect of dispensing, dispensing accessories will play a major role, has the effect of dispensing with the dispensing machine, also has a relationship with the dispensing accessories, control glue are dispensing accessories, high precision dispensing you need to use high-end accessories, or certainly not high precision dispensing effect, there will be high speed precision dispensing machine.

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