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Industry applicability of high speed precision glue dispense

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Dispensing technology is an important manufacturing technology in production, the current industry needs to engage in all kinds of automation equipment for high performance applications in high speed dispensing dispensing process, precision dispensing machine belongs to the universal high speed dispenser is an expansion of the products have higher precision and higher efficiency in manufacturing industry application point of rubber production. High speed precision dispensing machine industry is very broad, it can precision dispensing of different rules are applied.
Three axis high speed precision glue dispenser
For electronic industry, semiconductor chip package dispensing link is very important, through the dispensing package helps to enhance the value of the semiconductor chip, which is firmly welding in the normal operation of the PCB board, so to meet the requirements of high efficiency production and dispensing equipment can not because of the quantity of cement - chip package quality, the essential application of high speed precision dispensing machine in the electronic chip packaging process, high precision filling glue glue evenly and accurately flow to the inner end of the array chip, the encapsulation efficiency of the chip programming operation to meet user needs of the production, the high speed precision dispensing machine used for filling small product dispensing quality has been improved.
Barrel type high speed precision glue dispenser
High speed precision dispensing machine can also be used in adhesive coated parts of large products, equipped with the dispensing control valve so that the control effect of glue coating to further enhance the links meet in large area, more uniform distribution of glue to strengthen the full product between the bonding strength and the bonding effect, applicable to various types of glue to meet user production work comprehensive.
Coating on semiconductor chip
The upgrading of the glue technology is based on the overall demand of the industry market. It is equipped with high speed precision dispensing machine to help different industries to produce the value of the product.

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