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The application of the automatic glue dispenser in the mobil

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In recent years, the mobile phone industry continue to launch new products, more intelligent mobile phone types appear on the market, the new features are more loved by the public, but the production of mobile phone assistant, cannot do without the automatic dispensing machine such as tempered film dispensing, the production of mobile phone chip glue and a series of needs to assist the development of better automatic dispensing machine, then applied in addition to the above two parts production but also in those areas?
Screen surface coating on mobile phone
The packaging process of electronic products such as mobile phones is the only way in the process of production and processing. The average speed of the traditional artificial glue is 35 times per minute, and some skilled workers have a speed of 40 times per minute. But the quality of the glue is often poor. The birth of the automatic glue dispenser equipment provides a good solution for the electronic manufacturers of mobile phones. The glue dispensing efficiency of the automatic glue dispenser can reach 120 times per minute, and the quality of the glue is greatly improved. At the same time, the accuracy can reach 0.02mm, even smaller.
Floor type full automatic glue dispenser
The superiority of the automatic dispensing machine is compared with the traditional manual dispensing in the mobile phone industry. The superiority of the automatic dispensing machine is that the automatic dispensing machine can be applied to the precise control of the whole dispensing process. Using the teaching box, we can easily debug the dispensing process, and make it easier to complete matrix replication, offset correction, and setting up the time delay in the dispensing process. The application of the glue controller can prevent the "return" in the process of glue. The residual glue can be sucked back into the hose to avoid affecting the quality of the glue and at the same time reducing the waste of glue.

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